Ok, let’s talk a little bit about how exercise can help relieve some of the symptoms of IBS and how you can reduce flare ups. We talk a lot about food, medication (there isn’t really a cure for this), meditation, mindfulness etc. But I wanna touch a little bit on this subject. *

Some studies have shown that people who exercised have decreased the severity of their symptoms and people who exedcised less have more severe symptoms.


Exercise can help with

1) stress relief which can be a trigger for many people with IBS

2) better sleep which can also trigger flare up

3) increase gas clearance

4) encourage bowel movemnts- we all know how important that one is 😉

5) better sense of well-being which can help us to make better and healthier choices and habits which can mimimize fare ups 💪 *

Now if you have never exercised in your life and you are just starting out, don’t go crazy with it… start slow, baby steps..


I hope this was helpful, please do let me know 😘

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